Bald Eagles and Woodpeckers

If you want the opportunity to experience the site of a Bald Eagle they are usually found in winter around Spring River. Our area has also been known as a place where birds that are endangered like the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker can be seen.

Winter Birds and Water Fowl

The winter can bring a variety of loons, grebes, gulls, ducks, geese, and sparrows to the state. Water flow concentrations occur along the Mississippi River Flyway in eastern Arkansas, and they includeA Bald Eagle flying away from river with fish some of the largest concentration of Mallards in the country.

In the winter the Short-eared Owl, Harris’s Sparrow, Lapland, Smiths’s Longspur, and the Rusty Black Bird are some of the most sought-after species. Aside from the winter the spring time is also a wonderful time to have a bird watching trip. This time a year is when birds begin their migration north along the Mississippi River Flyway toward their northern breeding grounds.

Spring Birds

During late spring comes the opportunity to see breeding birds such as the colorful Painted Bunting, the Mississippi Kite, and the Swainson’s Warbler.

In Arkansas there are vast amounts of lands with public open access that are perfect for bird watching trips. Such as national wildlife refuges, state wildlife management areas, state parks, National Park Service lands, and state fish hatcheries.

Arkansas state parks sometimes host poplar eagle-watching events during the winter and even other birding festivals and events of interests surrounding birders during different seasons. To find out information on these events just take a look at your state parks’ calendar of events to stay updated.

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